Why You Should Avoid Payday Loans?

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You might think that with the bad comments and blames payday loan creditors get every day, people tend to stay away from such advances at all times. But the very opposite seems to be happening, there are over 20,000 payday lending storefronts in U.S state itself.

But before you thing that your fast cash loan is not something called ‘payday loan’, loans given under the names “cash advance loans””, “post-dated checks”, “deferred deposit check loans” are all payday loans.

Payday loans are hassle free fast ways to get an advance, you can get an advance in an hours’ time or so. Therefore people are very tempted to get such advances. But do note that if you don’t end up paying the debt on time, your due amount will be trip the original amount you took as them loans. If you are interested aboutpayday loan you can visit this website https://www.maxcredit.sg/payday-loan/payday-loan.php.

Here are some other factors as to why you should avoid such advances at all costs.

One main factor is that it is very expensive. Cash with no credit checks comes with something called interests”, normally your bank’s most expensive credit card may have an interest rate of 36% maximum, but imagine having to pay 10 times of that! As crazy as it sounds this actually happens. Many payday lenders are found in areas where there are very few or almost no options as to a source of getting a loan.

Second factor is the rollovers. There are some lenders that prevent this happening by maintaining a database of customers but of course like in everywhere, there are good lenders as well as bad. Over 75% borrowers are stuck in the cycle of paying off their old payday advances. It has also been said that payday advances are normally to be settled in 2-3 weeks tops, but in average such borrower is in debt for over half a year.

Another factor that you might need to take into consideration are the massive rates. One tiny mistake could put you in debt for over a year. Imagine having to pay for thrice or worse 10 times the amount you actually borrowed as loan? Scary I know.

Normally taking an advance the normal way through a bank or getting a credit card, it takes time for the process. But in payday loans, you can take it with in an hour’s time and they carry no right to recess. So if you ever get any second thought or your friends/ family convince you not to take such credit after you signed off the papers, too late my friend. You cannot back down now.

Now tell me, do you really want this payday credit? Think again. Make sure this is your last option.